Hinton’s 5evern Gin


Hinton's 5evern Gin

70cl | 20cl | 5cl

ABV 57%

Hinton’s 5evern Gin is a 100 proof Navy Strength Gin – it’s in the name (5evern) local spelling !! A fresh citrus blend of Lemon, Lime and Orange, with a frigate full of Juniper and a battleship of botanicals.

Before 1816 and the invention of the Sikes Hydrometer the British Royal Navy had only one means of testing the alcohol content of a spirit. Firstly mix the spirit with gunpowder into a paste then ignite the paste. If it ignites and burns you have “Proof” of the strength. It was also claimed that this was the case due to more practical reasons. If the spirit barrels ruptured onto the gunpowder in the hold during a skirmish the gunpowder would still ignite if the spirit was Navy Strength. Clearly failure to ignite would be catastrophic.

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Orange

Where possible ingredients and services have been sourced locally.