Welcome to Hinton’s of Bewdley Ltd

A small micro distillery based in the Worcestershire town of Bewdley

After producing infused gins for a number of years for personal consumption using a base gin and adding flavours it became obvious to us that we should try and develop a gin that captured the beautiful place in which we live.

We began to explore the banks of the River Severn, the hedgerows of the family farm and the fruits of the Wyre Forest. We mixed these with other locally grown produce to balance the flavour profile and then blended with a unique mix of the standard botanicals used in flavouring gin – Wyre Forest Gin was created. In the creation of Wyre Forest Gin our whole company ethos and philosophy was also born.

If we could try to forage or source as much locally grown produce as possible in conjunction with the use of local businesses, then we could truly produce a gin that was born and bred in Bewdley. A product that was owned, created and supported by the local community and of course could be enjoyed by the local community.

Worcestershire Pear Gin was created using ingredients sourced and picked from the Worcestershire countryside. A full strength gin to be enjoyed over ice or with tonic with fresh natural sweetness and fruity flavours from Worcestershire Pears, Apples and Oranges. In addition 11 other botanicals have been carefully blended together including Ginger, Cinnamon and Nutmeg to create a splendidly spicy offering.

Regatta Gin was born at Bewdley Regatta in 1993. After competing at Henley Royal Regatta in fours the previous two years, 1993 saw us compete in the Thames Cup eights event. After losing at Henley we found that after a heavy season training we had the speed over a shorter course to beat most crews.

That year there were 8 elite eights at Bewdley and after some very close racing we came away with the win. Our then coach Jim Geddie offered to buy the crew a drink to celebrate our win, a rare opportunity and one not to be missed.

Jim was a big gin drinker so proceeded to order ten gin & tonics. Back in 1993 the only one available at the rowing club was the one in the green bottle. This was my first taste of gin and in my opinion I felt it was rather bland. After a trip to the kitchen where sandwiches and strawberries were being prepared, I collected a few ingredients. I then added strawberries, a sprig of mint and a couple of slices of cucumber and “Regatta Gin” was born.